KongPower Technology Co., LTD.


KongPower is a Taiwan based NiMH and Lithium battery manufacturer.

Business Opportunities :

Battery and Charger total solution OEM / ODM for worldwide enterprises in mass production as well as Small-volume Large-variety production.

Quick Facts


Our Products :

Lithium and NiMH battery for 
Industrial : Energy Storage System(ESS), Marine, industrial, Jump Starter, power tools, power pack, Commercial Lithium Batteries, military, explode-proof battery
Hobby : RC, airsoft, paintball, drone.

Safety capability : 20C BMS / IP67 / bluetooth / smart control / UL1973(batter pack)

Catagories : Automobile / boats / ATV / AGV robot / camping / solar energy storage / forklift...etc

Military : Military Battery and energy solutions for demanding defense applications from land, to air, to sea

Mining : explode-proof battery pack

Smart charger for all battery types


Project developing

KongPower Tech accepts project development from all industries. Fully customized battery and charger ODM for specialty electronic devices.


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